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Alyan & Jammsy White Gloves 100% Cotton Gloves for Dry Hands Women Men Sleeping Gloves Overnight Moisturizing Gloves Eczema Sensitive Skin Treatement (10 Pairs)

【LIGHTWEIGHT AND FLEXIBLE】These cotton gloves are lightweight enough so that you can still type and write if you need to. And you can still use a touch screen with these gloves on (It depends on the sensitivity of the phone touch screen). 【CARING】Getting more moisture into your hands by putting them on after using hand cream. And to keep your pillows and sheets free of the lotion when you do the hands spa overnight. 【APPLICATION 】These cotton gloves are perfect for anything one may need white gloves for: grooming dogs, dusting, handling groceries, daily housework use, handscare, stage performance, magic show, jewelry care, ancient books holding, club dance, party outfit, eczema treatment of the hands. Also you can use it to crafts.-DONT'T LIMIT YOUR CREATIVE.