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VITAL ROSE SOOTHING MIST SPRAY SERUM – Rosewater and Cherry Blossom & Antioxidant l Paraben Free, Dermatologist Tested…

Different from Other Brand’s Spray Formula - d’Alba’s truffle vital spray serum is made with Italian white truffle and infused natural red oils that provides a full alleviating skincare experience. Micro-molecules directly enter your pores, instantaneously absorbing the product and not leaving behind any residue like other sprays do. Suitable for all skin types, this spray serum reverses fatigued skin into a young and glowing skin tone Highly Valuable White Truffle as Main Ingredient - The infusion of white truffle, carefully extracted from Piedmont, Italy, delivers ample minerals and nutrients to the skin. Unlike other types of mushrooms, white truffle requires a specific extraction process, one that d’Alba guarantees the safety of Instant Relief for Exhausted Skin - The vital serum includes Lithospermi radix extract, 3 types of red flower oils (rose hip oil, red rose oil, scented geranium oil), cherry blossom extract, Aquaxyl, Beautiful Herb Story, Lora-Anti-S that provides organic nutrients to the skin and contributes to skin relief, skin vitality, and texture enhancement