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DAVI Cream Cleanser with Blue Light Protection | Hydrating Face Wash for Dry Skin | Anti-Aging Daily Face Cleanser for…

???? GENTLE & MOISTURIZING: Our hydrating facial cleanser is infused with antioxidant-rich grape and grape seed extracts and green tea, this exfoliating cleanser gently cleans and nourishes skin. Complexion looks revitalized and glowing. ????????‍???? BLUE LIGHT PROTEBLUE LIGHT PROTECTION: Urban Protection's gentle face cleanser products protect your skin from blue light! Exposure to blue light in the evening throws skin’s natural circadian rhythm ‘out-of-sync which can lead to visible lines and premature ageing. Wild indigo and cocoa seed peptides control skin stress and protect it from harmful, blue light pollution, restoring radiance to the complexion. ???? 3 FL OZ JAR : Our face cleanser for dry skin improves skin tone and enhances hydration. A creamy texture that leaves no residue. Application Directions: Apply moisturizing cleanser onto dry skin and massage in circular motions. Wet fingertips with water and continue massaging to create a rich, foamy lather. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Follow with desired moisturizer.

DAVI Refreshing Gentle Cleanser | Foaming Face Cleanser for All Skin Types | Anti Aging Face Wash for Women and Men…

???? ALL NATURAL FACE WASH: Facial cleanser for sensitive skin rich in grape and grape seed extracts, our soothing antioxidant formula detoxifies skin and removes makeup for a brighter, fresher you. Say goodbye to the environmental impurities of daily life and leave your skin feeling softer, cleaner, and fully hydrated with our favorite foaming cleanser. ????6.7 FL OZ BOTTLE: Gentle facial cleanser with the benefits of a fresh-looking complexion. A delicate foaming cleanser that leaves no residue. Application Directions: Apply a quarter-sized amount of skin cleanser to damp face. Gently massage foam into face for 30 seconds, using circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry. Want to complete the routine? Use after cleansing face with our Urban Protection Essential Moisturizing Cream. ????LUXURIOUS HYDRATION: Our soothing daily facial cleansers are straight from the vines of Napa Valley and contain premium Grape Seed extracts that convert into a potent combination of skin-loving antioxidants, thanks to a time-honored, double-fermentation process and innovative technology. Complexion is immersed in luxurious hydration that leaves skin feeling refreshed and immediately transformed.