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EMIKO Microfiber Hair Towel for Women – Quick Anti Frizz Drying for Long or Curly Hair, Large (43″ x 23″), White, Super Absorbent & Soft

❤️CUT YOUR DRYING TIME IN HALF: Save precious time, and get out the door quicker. There's no need to rub your hair dry, because this towel absorbs moisture so well, that it leaves hair slightly damp rather than sopping wet - ideal for fast drying ❤️TAME REBELLIOUS HAIR: Curly girls rejoice, taming those curls is easy, and unlike regular heavy cotton towels that pull at your roots, this microfiber towel won't cause breakage to your fragile wet hair ❤️NO SLIPPING OR DRIPPING, SO YOU CAN MULTI-TASK: No more balancing acts, just wrap and it stays firmly in place until you're ready to style your hair - get dressed, make coffee, check Instagram, and leave it to prime your hair like a pro!