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Eurow Microfiber Salon Towel, 16 by 29 Inches, Black, Pack of 10

WE CARE FOR YOUR HAIR - Pamper yourself with Eurow Microfiber Salon Towels. Those "in the know" are familiar with microfiber's advantages compared to cotton. Help your hair - whether it's straight, curly, thin, thick, wavy, coarse, any style! - achieve its full potential with Eurow Microfiber Salon Towels. THE MAGIC OF MICROFIBER - While cotton simply pushes water around, our microfiber salon towels will LIFT the water particles and LOCK them deep within the fibers, drastically reducing hair drying time. Give them a try and see why so many people around the world are switching from traditional cotton to our Eurow Microfiber Salon Towels. PREMIUM QUALITY AND LONG LASTING - We know how important it is to have a top quality product. That's why each towel is crafted with the best quality microfiber available - the secret is in the weaving process. Rest assured that your towels will be the highest quality available on the market. Eurow towels can be washed and reused hundreds of times, providing great value and saving you money.

Eurow Dry Hand Healing Moisturizing Gloves for Men and Women, Premium Cotton, Night and Day, Durable and Reusable, 4…

LOCK IN MOISTURE for ULTIMATE RELIEF - After applying lotion, cream, moisturizer, ointment - simply slide the gloves on and let them work their magic. They'll facilitate the absorption of moisture into your skin. No one likes dry hands and now you can heal them quickly and effortlessly. Efficient moisturizing has never been simpler or easier. ONE SIZE FITS MOST - Whether you have large or small hands, the gloves will be a great, breathable, and comfortable fit. It'll feel like they're not even there and you can still live your life and use your phone, television remote, read books, etc. THEY REALLY WORK - We take pride in the quality and effectiveness of our moisturizing gloves. Ultimate relief for your hands resulting in soft and smooth skin. Use during the day or at nighttime and feel the difference within hours. In addition to healing your hands, they'll prevent lotion from staining your clothes or bed sheets.