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Higher Education Skincare GRINDING AWAY Skin Polishing Scrub, 3 fl. oz., Polishing Scrub Works to Improve Skin’s Texture and Tone by Buffing Away Dead Skin Cells

GET YOUR GLOW ON: This polishing scrub works to improve skin’s texture and tone by buffing away dead skin cells that can cause uneven tone, dullness and congestion in the skin. Use 2-4 times a week after PRE-REQ or NO BRAINER cleanser. Massage on wet skin for 30 seconds. Rinse with warm water. CALLING ALL SKIN TYPES: For oily and combination. GRINDING AWAY is a chemical and physical exfoliant that will leave the skin radiant by evening out skin's natural tone and texture with AHAs and BHAs. Remember that this may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun, so don't forget to use a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher and limit sun exposure while using this product. STAR INGREDIENTS: You know we can't help but brag about our star ingredients: Lactic Acid is naturally derived Alpha Hydroxy Acid that gently dissolves dead skin cells to smooth skin's texture, Glycolic Acid is derived from sugar cane and boosts collagen production, and Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that strengthens the skin's moisture barrier.