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MANSCAPED® The Lawn Mower™ Electric Groin Hair Trimmer Ceramic Blade Head Refill, Hygienic Snap-In Trimmer Replacement Cartridge, Electric Clipper Blades, 1 Pack

WHAT IS THE SNAP-IN BLADE MODULE: The snap-in ceramic blade module is compatible with all The Lawn Mower models. When replaced every three months, you can keep your trimmer running smoothly and efficiently. Because it’s light years beyond other trimmers, The Lawn Mower snap-in blade module creates grooming experience like no other. HOW TO USE: The modules snap onto the head of the razor. When you want to swap them, you snap the old off and the new on. WHY WE CREATED THE SNAP-IN BLADE MODULE: Who wants rusty, dirty blades that can overheat? No one. Which is why we created the snap-in ceramic blade module. Its superiority and ease of use over outdated trimmer blades is clear. Just snap the old one off and snap the new one in, giving you a brand new trimming experience every single time you use it. It couldn’t be easier.