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Mehron Makeup Metallic Powder (.17 Ounce) with Mixing Liquid (1 oz) (GOLD)

This soft powder is finely crafted and evenly blended Formulated to add dynamic shiny accents to any makeup look Can be used alone for a subtle sheer color or mixed with our included 1 oz. Mixing Liquid

Mehron Makeup Metallic Powder (.5 ounce) (Silver)

This soft powder is finely crafted and evenly blended Formulated to add dynamic shiny accents to any makeup look This ultra-fine Metallic Powder Makeup can create dramatic makeup designs and effects

Mehron Makeup Metallic Powder (.17 oz) with Mixing Liquid (1 oz) (Silver)

Create stunning metallic effects with this dynamic combination Add dynamic shiny accents to any makeup look Powder may be used alone or with the liquid

Mehron Makeup Metallic Powder (1 oz) (Gold)

Each 1 ounce (28 gm) container of Mehron Metallic Gold Powder will apply about 100 eyeliners up to 1/2 a body Powered metals, Mehron Metallic Powders are ultra fine and the effects are startling Can be used alone or with Mehron Mixing Liquid (not included) to make liquid metallic makeup

Mehron Makeup Premium Character Kit

Everything you need to create this look Creates the bald character pictured in the listing images Detailed instructions on how to apply the makeup and lists the items that will complement your look

Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ Light Blue Makeup

Includes aloe and chamomile and the enriching emollients glycerin, avocado oil, and cocoa butter, so it is safe and gentle on skin Premium quality, water-based face and body painting makeup Water activated, moist cake makeup palettes

Mehron Makeup StarBlend Cake (2 oz)

Soft, highly pigmented pressed powder Can be used if face is dry or wet Fade resistant, sweat resistant, and non-streaking

Mehron Makeup Makeup Mixing Liquid (.5 ounce)

A must have in every artist's makeup kit It can be used to thin Mehron Liquid Makeup or can be mixed with Mehron's Precious Gem Powders and Metallic Powders to create an intense liquid metallic that is water resistant Can also be used to adhere Mehron's Paradise Glitter and GlitterDust

Mehron Makeup Squirt Blood (.5 ounce) (Bright Arterial)

Great fake blood for Halloween and Special effects looks for children and adults alike Developed for a realistic theatrical appearance both for on stage and film Viscous and nearly opaque liquid that can be used in and around the mouth because it is made of non-toxic ingredients

Mehron Makeup Spirit Gum (.125 oz)

An amber colored, alcohol/resin liquid adhesive solution Perfect for adhering Crepe Hair, wigs, prosthetic noses, bald caps, and more Easily remove with Spirit Gum Remover followed by soap and water

Mehron Makeup Liquid Latex (1 oz) (Clear Flesh)

Used to create unusual skin textures or to apply Crepe Hair and prosthetics Classic clear color, a light hue that will work for plays, Halloween, parties, and all sorts of fun and games Requires no remover, simply peel cured latex from skin