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Nail Magic Nail Hardener & Conditioner, Prevents & Treats Chipping, Peeling, Brittle Fingernails, Strengthens, Conditions, and Hardens Nails, 2.3 fluid ounces with travel bottle

NAIL MAGIC - The nail strengthener for more stronger natural nails in just weeks! Even on the go with our travel bottle which is included with this 2.3oz bottle. REJUVENATING YOUR NAILS SINCE 1960- We strive to keep your nails looking stronger and healthier than ever. Our nail hardener and conditioner was developed by a professional manicurist. BENEFITS THIN WEAK NAILS - Specifically designed and engineered to strengthen even the weakest nails.

Nail Magic Nail Hardener & Conditioner, Assists with Chipping, Peeling, Brittle Fingernails, Strengthens & Hardens Nails, 2.3 fluid oz

Nail Magic - The nail hardener for stronger more natural nails Benefits Brittle, Weak Nails - Specifically developed to strengthen even the weakest, most brittle nails. Nail Hardener and Conditioner - a unique blend to condition, harden, and strengthen the natural nail.