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Touchy Skin Salve, Natural Eczema Cream, Moisturizer for Dry Itchy and Sensitive Skin, Natural Skin Care, Organic Calendula, Fragrance Free, Organic Coconut Oil

Fragrance free skincare can be effective, pure and Amazing. This set contains Ora's Amazing Herbal moisturizing Ultra Healing Body Butter, Touchy Skin Salve, and our Talc Free, Corn Free and Grain Free Body Powder. All of Ora's Amazing Herbal oil based moisturizing products begin with our base oil. Please read our ingredients! Ora's Amazing Herbal Touchy Skin Salve was the first salve designed by Ora for her daughter as a natural eczema care formula. When applied twice daily, we find it to be highly effective in soothing and healing affected areas as well as protecting the skin from any irritation. It is one of our most popular products because it is an effective herbal infused, paraben and steroid free eczema care ointment. Like our unscented Ultra Healing Body Butter, it does not sting when applied.