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Reazeal Magic Nail Polish Remover Removes Soak-Off Gel Nail Polish, Easily & Quickly,Professional Non-Irritating Nail Polish Remover – 15 ml

【revolutionary Remover】This is a revolutionary nail polish remover that makes it easy to remove in the nail removal process, and have a good effect. Just apply remover on your nails, wait and peel them off without leaving a residue 【Non-irritating】Odorless and non-irritative to nail bed. This product made from natural ingredients, very light smell, can remove the nail polish easily 【Notes】Please avoid the skin area when using it. Before remove the nail polish is recommended to first remove the seal with sand, so that it will burst automatically. If the sealing layer is not removed, it will not be automatically exploded and it will take longer to unload the nail. And it needs to be wiped with a paper towel.