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SHRAY Pure Sugar Kissed SQUALANE OIL for Face and Body. Clean Bio-Fermented Sugarcane Squalane Facial Oil. Squalane…

The New Sugar-Kissed Squalane: SHRAY Squalane Oil is cleverly created from sugar! Not olive Squalane, or shark liver oil. As a result it's a kinder facial oil for sensitive or dry skin, skin concerns, acne, and those in dry climates. For all ages, especially those who need corrective facial oils for mature skin. Anti Aging Serum and Everyday Oil! Squalene oil (with an ‘e’) is an antioxidant rich barrier in our skin that smooths texture, softens skin, soothes problems and balances oil while plumping and hydrating. From 30+ we start producing less, but now you can replace it daily with SHRAY Squalane facial serum. Why Sugarcane? Squalane used to be sourced from shark liver and then olive oil - but for sustainability, purity and sensitivity reasons, this 100% Plant-Based Skin Oil starts as Renewable Sugarcane, then bio-fermented it into a nutritiously rich oil! It’s thick and moisturizing without feeling greasy.