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Summer Foot Premium Foot Pads for Soft Baby Feet Double Pack | Exfoliating Foot Peel Remove Callus & Repair rough heels…

QUALITY MATTERS: Summer Foot peel masks are dermatologically tested and approved with test rating: 10/10. Best exfoliating results through special ingredients as Urea and cucumber extract that remove stubborn calluses and make tender Baby feet on both men and woman APPLICATION: It is the easiest way to get smoothest feet you ever had. Simply apply the mask without any effort. An easy to understand help is added to the packaging leaflet and in the section below. Simply scroll down to get a detailed to learn how it works. BEST EFFECTS: If you suffer from calluses, hard or dead and even cracked skin on the feet, our foot peel mask provides the best results within 7 days and with only one application.