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Makeup Remover Pads Reusable 20 Packs-Natural Bamboo Cottons Facial Skin Caring Pads-Face Cleaning Clothes Wipes Machine…

🍀What theme you are most caring about? 🍀If you ask a girl, what ever she is 20,30,40...80 old, absolutely beauty.everyday, they spend many time on make up and many different materials makeups. But after the long day, your face need to be relax and to be cared. so how to be the best to her? 🍀Removal made easier🍀: Whether you're taking off mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, or waterproof makeup, these natural bamboo face cleaning pads make removal a breeze. Each bamboo face round is 3.15" in diameter to remove more with every wipe and grabs onto makeup and oil better than cotton cloths. 🍀Additional function🍀:NOT ONLY AS A MAKEUP REMOVER, sometimes when your eyes are tired, need to relax, then get two of these pads, deep them into warm water and take out, make some water out, and cover to your eyes and lying down on your sofa, relax your eyes with these pads about 10mins, you can be refresh.