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Cuticle Pusher and Cutter – Professional Stainless Steel Cuticle Remover and Cutter

5½ inches long 100 percent stainless steel designed for painless cuticle maintenance Sharp to cut or scrape away dead cuticle on one end Curved flat end perfectly pushes the skin back flawlessly

Cuticle Pusher and Spoon Nail Cleaner – Professional Grade Stainless Steel Cuticle Remover and Cutter

Measures 5½ inches; 100 percent stainless steel ensures painless cuticle maintenance Curved end conforms to the natural shape of the nail when pushing back cuticles It can be sterilized without rusting; durable metal resists wear and tarnish.

Professional Stainless Steel Tweezers Set (4-Piece) – Precision Tweezers for Ingrown Hair, Facial Hair, Splinter…

The tweezers set is ideal for eyebrow grooming with the perfectly slanted tips which are great for removing splinters and ingrown hair from areas that are to be treated delicately; the perfectly calibrated tension offers more control and a stress-free tweezing ritual The 4-Piece Tweezers set incorporates: 1 Slanted Head Tweezer, 1 Pimple Popper Tweezer, 1 Straight Head Tweezer, and 1 Pointed Slant Tweezer The stainless steel design adds great value to the set's durability so that it can serve the purpose for longer without creating a need to go for another set