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ZEVA Cuticle Oil Pen – (11 ml) Vegan Nail Strengthener w/ Natural Oils & Vitamins For Strong Nails & Moisturized…

MOISTURIZING TREATMENT. A therapeutic blend of 14 natural oils and vitamins, the ZEVA Cuticle Oil Pen is a moisturizing treatment for dry, damaged cuticles. It's also a great conditioner for fingernails and toenails. EASY TO USE. The firm, felt tip gently pushes back cuticles and applies oil with no mess or waste. It absorbs quickly, smells wonderful, and can be applied to cuticles and nails as often as you like. SOFTENS CUTICLES. This non-greasy formula provides an intensive, deeply penetrating moisturizer for cuticles and conditioner for nails, providing soothing relief from dry, cracked cuticles and leaving them soft and healthy.