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Pumice Stone, Natural Lava Exfoliation, Callus Removal for Hands & Rough Feet

✅ NO MORE EMBARRASSING CALLUSES OR CRACKED HEELS: Our natural pumice stone foot exfoliator gives feet of all shapes and sizes the care they need to feel healthy and look amazing. Use your one of a kind stone to gently remove rough and dead skin. You'll be left with feet that are unbelievably soft and smooth. ✅ SPA MANI PEDI: When you grab one of these professional callous removers for your feet, you're getting one of the best coarse skin removers you can buy. Add it to your footcare set to shock your nail technician the next time you go in for a visit. With regular use your feet will look just as smooth, soft, and clean as they did the last time you left the salon. Natural pumice stones are a simple way to make your pedicure last. ✅ FLIP FLOP AND SANDAL SEASON IS HERE: Kick off your shoes with the confidence that comes from knowing your cracks are gone and soles are thoroughly cleaned up. This premium foot file keeps common foot problems like cracked heels, dry skin, and calluses at bay. You'll wear any shoes you want - or go completely barefoot - without a second of self-consciousness.

Pumice Stone Foot stone(2 PCS)Hard Skin Callus Remover for Feet and Hands – Natural Foot File Exfoliation to Remove Dead…

GREAT BENEFICIAL:Massages and stimulates blood flow - Relieves fatigue, promotes relaxation - Ideal callus remover - Remove dead skin for healthy feet - With daily use, your skin will become baby smooth - Soft, silky skin like after SPA treatments. REMOVES DEAD SKIN:Dead skin cells accumulate in the pores of the stone after usage, effectively soften and remove dry, hard skin, and helps remove stains, corns and calluses to give your feet a healthy glow! USAGE METHOD:soak callused skin in warm water until it feels soft. Then wet the foot pumice stone in soapy water and rub it gently over the callus in a circular motion.

HEALIFTY 2Pcs Foot Pumice Stone Exfoliator Pedicure File Block Callus Remover Scrubber (Purple)

Made from high quality material, it is eco-friendly and skin-friendly. Portable and light-weight, easy to carry. Rough stone with comfortable grip produces excellent massage effect.

Pumice Foot Scrubber Stone 2Pcs – Pumice Stone Pedicure Tools Hard Skin Callus Remover Foot Exfoliation – Lava Natural…

A long-familiar natural oval pumice stone. Reading the description, you think that this is sandpaper or some kind of synthetic sand object. This is an ordinary old pumice with a loop in one corner. Thanks to abrasive properties of this natural pumice stone which helps to remove stains calluses & necrosis of skin & also makes peeling of the whole body after which your skin looks fresh & young. Using a loop of natural thread, pumice stone can be easily hung for drying, and thanks to its unique shape, pumice stone for feet is conveniently located in your hand for comfort used.

Maryton Foot Pumice and Scrubber for Feet and Heels Callus, Salon Pedicure Tools Dead Skin Remover, Pedi Gifts for Men…

EASY AND EFFECTIVE PEDI FILE - Customized for removing the rough and unsightly skin caused by calloused feet/heels/hands IDEAL PEDICURE TOOL GIFT - Our best selling blue pumice sponges are used by nail salons across the USA. Individually wrapped for perfect gift DUAL FUNCTIONS - 2 Sided coarse scrubber for exfoliates/smooths, salon quality for best treatment to any type of feet. Shower use best.

40pc Coarse CT Mini Disposable Pumice Pads -Yellow

Not a stone - Not a blade Buff quickly with soap & water Mini pads have a distinct marketing advantage that keeps clients coming back.

Natural Pumice Stone for Feet(Pack of 2), Chialstar Lava Pedicure Tools Hard Skin Callus Remover for Feet and Hands…

✔ Natural Lava Pumice Stone - The raw materlals are made from natural stone, So every pumice stone will have different size, shape and color. If you have any problems with pumice stone for feet, Please feel free to contact us by email. We will offer a free replacement or full refund. ✔ Ergonomic Design Makes It Easy to Handle and use - Your lava pumice stone fits easily in your hand, ensuring your exfoliating routine is made as easy as possible. The loops of cord allow you to hang the stones to dry. ✔ Easy to Clean and Free Suction Hook - Just use a little soap to fully clean off the stone. Then it's ready for the next use. The free suction hook and gift bag let you easily hanging on the wall in your bath room or anywhere convenient to get!

40pc Coarse CT Mini Disposable Pumice Pads- Purple

Not a stone - Not a blade Buff quickly with soap & water Mini pads have a distinct marketing advantage that keeps clients coming back.

Maryton Double Sided Pumice Stone for Feet Hard Skin 100% Siliglass Callus Remover, Exfoliates Feet & Smooths Skin

FOR SOFT, SMOOTH FEET - Our pedicure foot file made by 100% Siliglass pumice and is designed to be used on dry rough dead skin callus of feet, sharp to exfoliate easily NATURAL CALLUS REMOVER FOR FEET - The hard skin remover is the great foot scrubber tool, and handhold size makes the feet callus remover a breeze to use, you will love it 2 SIDES FOR EASY TRIMMING - Our double-sided pumice callus remover has a coarse side and fine smooth side. You can start filing with the rough side and finish up with the fine side, for a more efficient and safer pedicure

Pumice Stone for Feet – Natural Lava Foot Stone with New Eco-Friendly Holder – Callus Warts Corn Removal – Pedicure…

PUMICE STONES are an effective tool for rejuvenating and cleansing the skin of the hands, feet, elbows, and heels, as well as removing calluses, corns or hard, rough, dead and dry skin HEALING PROPERTIES - Our callus stones contain trace elements, massage and stimulate blood flow, relieve fatigue, and promote relaxation. With daily use, your skin will become baby smooth and soft like after SPA treatments NATURAL EARTH LAVA STONE is formed when hot lava mixes with water and hardens, resulting in a porous and abrasive stone perfect for scrubbing the skin. Each pumice has a different size, shape, and color as they are naturally occurring stones