What Exactly Is Glossier Skin?

A view from exactly five years ago: Taco Bell (finally!) started making breakfast, Pharrell Williams became a big hat guy, and a movie about two royal sisters permanently altered what you think of when you hear the phrase, “Let It Go.” Also: Lebron James became a Cavalier again and The Ice Bucket Challenge was everywhere. And another thing: Glossier officially launched.

Born out of this very website you are reading now, Glossier arrived at a time when plenty of individuals were on Instagram, but many brands (even beauty brands) were not. It was a very different time! Especially when you consider how rare it was for a brand to regram photos from a customer’s Instagram. But those photos! They really did something. We’re talking close-up, tightly-cropped, confident shots of dewy, happy faces. Her face, his face, my face, yours. They were all different, but not… What was it? That healthy gleam? The barely-there, or at times, nothing-at-all makeup? It’s not “perfect skin” because there’s no such thing, but it’s more like skincare in action. You show off your skin after you’ve cleansed, toned, maybe added a serum or two. You definitely moisturized. And after sunscreen and maybe some concealer (or not, or something else—it’s your face!), you find the light for your selfie and tap to post.

You certainly don’t need Glossier products to have Glossier skin, but in using them, at least you know you can’t go wrong. “The key to [dewy skin] is to really prep and clean it,” makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, who frequently works with Glossier, has said. That and, “Rolling your skin in outward motions, almost like what your grandmother would do to you when you were a kid by squeezing your cheeks” helps to give a “hydrated, fresh glow.” But if Glossier skin is healthy, freshly-washed dewy skin, then its downside is that you can only have freshly-washed dewy skin for only so long throughout the course of a day. Eventually the luster lessens, and that’s where makeup comes in. Well, kind of.

Futuredew is a skincare-makeup hybrid that helps you hold on to your glow for a bit longer—as in, all day longer. Meant to go on as the final step in your skincare routine, it’s an oil-rich serum that builds on the hydrating prowess of squalane and the brightening impact of crushed minerals to give anyone who wears it that “I just treated my skin to something nice” look—for hours on hours. No highlighter required, but it’s fine to use if you want. Other media outlets are calling Futuredew “Glossier skin in a bottle.” And while it’s definitely Glossier in a bottle, it’s not the only thing that makes “Glossier skin.” You need you to make Glossier skin. Futuredew is the cherry on top.

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