How To Get Out Of A Makeup Rut

HELLO party person! Hope you had a fabulous summer and you made the most of your leisure. I personally did, and my poor makeup collection sat all beautiful, glittering in the sunlight… collecting dust. After an entire season of working with what I got (aka minimal effort), I really miss the polished, primped me and I want her back ASAP.

The best way to swerve across a few lanes into Glamville is to go big or go home—no time for testing or easing into it. Autumn is the official season to get your shit together, and if you look good, you feel good, right? Windex your bathroom mirror, dust off your best products, and get ready to rumble. Nothing below is revolutionary—all the cool, cutie, young YouTubers are doing it. I’m just here to be your cheerleader, so you can get back to it.

The Basics

OK, hear me out. Recently I started a full coverage journey—not to cover or conceal, but because my skin-spo is channeling that ’60s, perfectly powdered, doll-faced look.

Ironically, that starts with a plump and well-moisturized canvas, which you can get with an A+ face oil. Then, follow up with your favorite moisturizer—the goal is trampoline skin to the touch. At the moment, the lord ruler of my life is a magical pot of Laura Mercier Secret Concealer. It’s very thicc, in the best way. I tap, tap under my eyes, and tap, tap over anything I want to tuck under the rug (that’s my kind way of saying pimples). If I want to level that up a notch (and of course you do), the greatest single product to inject energy and enthusiasm into your under eye/cheekbone area is the Tom Ford Illuminating Highlight Pen—use it! It doesn’t disappoint.

Next, to achieve the most flawless-at-a-glance skin humanly possible, you’ve got to go for some powder foundation. The one from Bare Minerals still ranks supreme, and it has that “I won’t undo the skincare effort you put in” vibe that I’ve cherished since age 17. Besides, if Hailey Bieber stans Bare Minerals, then so do I.

To get going, you’ll need to grab two types of brushes: a biiig, soft-as-a-bunny fluffy brush, and a teensie perfecting one. Start by dipping the big boi brush into the powder, and then pack that powder in by swirling the brush into the compact’s cap, tapping any excess powder off the sides. I always make sure to plant myself in front of a window so I can see what’s up in daylight (aka how everyone will view this art). I always begin painting from the cheeks—my most untrustworthy territory—and swoop in circular motions to the tunes of Frank Sinatra (a great tempo for a face beat), making sure not to stay in one place for too long so that everything comes out nice and even.

Now that we look literally like a ghost with no lips, the baby brush is going to help us pinpoint any unevenness still fighting to be seen. Load the brush up the same way, and find the spots that need more love, using the same circles-centric groove.

After that, swoop in with the Bare Minerals Well Rested Under Eye Brightener. This is a holy grail if you have daily death circles like me and want to look like you got slapped in the face with the most magical night of sleep and wellness. Pat this on over your concealer and then swipe away any lingering powder.

And Now For Some Chiseling

To inject a joyful disposition back into my face, I’m leaning into bougie, rich, buttery bronzers. Tom Ford Soleil Glow is the closest I’ll ever get to having something in common with January Jones (she posted about it once on Insta), and honestly, it makes me feel 10-percent more expensive in mere seconds. To lock and load my cherub portrait, I’m using the hot tip of matching my blush shade to the color of my palm when I clench a fist. For me that comes out to Dior’s Rosy Glow in Petal.

The Eye Candy

My favorite (and most daunting) decision of the day is to figure out what to do with my eyes. I like to scan my saved photos on Instagram for inspo. I’m really jazzed for cat eyes again, and am resurrecting the person I once was when I spent an extra five minutes every morning carefully applying liner (and using one to seven Q-tips for support).

The supporting actress to every cat eye is a reliable base in both shade and texture. I live for a mauve or rose-y toned powder eyeshadow peeking behind a cat eye, and right now I’m loving the Dior Backstage Eyeshadow Palette in Cool Neutrals). I’ll swipe her on from lid to crease, being sure to buff a little extra on the edges.

OK whew, now… carefully plant your feet hip distance apart, take a deep breath, lean into the mirror, gently and slightly lift (I did not say pull) the corner of your eye to your temple and swipe on your cat eye. Stila is obviously the best for classic black mod vibes, but when I’m feeling spicy, the Dior colorful options are wowie, chefs kiss.

And The Lip Smackers

Last but literally never would say least because your lips are NOT TO BE FORGOTTEN EVER. If I learned anything from my time spent working with Kim Johnson for over two years (aside from literally everything I know), it’s that lining your lips is king. My previous opinion was that lip lining was exclusively for a red lip or old ladies, but as usual, Kim knows best. If you’re doing it right, it’s a, “wow she looks amazing, what’s different?” moment. I like to Tom Ford Lip Sculptor it up (my shade is Deviate) around the edges. Then I take my ring finger and blur it out with little swift pats.

Cap it off with a lippie option that is your natural lip color, but slightly more saturated in color. Tom Ford Indian Rose is, not to be dramatic, BEYOND. You can trust me because I’m never actually impressed by lip products, but here I am RINGING the perfect lippie alarm! Swipe or blot on a layer and sashay into your day.


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