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Welcome to Our Favorite Products, a monthly feature in which ITG’s editors discuss our favorite products. They’re the best things we’ve tried all month long, reviewed, photographed, and anthropomorphized before we have the opportunity to get sick of them and move on to something new. This month we’re into lazy makeup, all the sleep accoutrements that get us into bed, and committed fragrance relationships. Apparently, cuffing season applies to products, too.

“This is my scent. I never thought I would have a ‘signature scent’ but this is what I wear most days. My friend was wearing it and she smelled so good I had to buy it. This is the only time this has ever happened to me. It has a funny name, it’s a pretty obscure scent line, and it’s a little hard to find. The brand, Coolife, was founded by Pauline Rochas, who descends from the family of the French fashion maison of the same name. This scent, Le Premier Parfum (there’s a deuxieme through septieme), is supposed to be quite sensual and has really earthy notes including tobacco, myrrh, patchouli, and balsam. I like it because it smells musky, very un-sweet and not at all floral. After I started wearing it people now stop me to ask me what I’m wearing. It’s that good.” —Leah Chernikoff

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“Sure, team ITG already knew this concealer was great. But I didn’t until Ali introduced me to it on a very busy Friday afternoon this month. Somehow it is the exact same shade as my skin and meets all my crazy concealer demands. It’s very creamy and goes on super smooth, so I’m never left with creasing in my under eyes or streaky lines around my face. It also has super buildable coverage, which is ideal for my dark patches and acne scars that need a little extra attention. I use this handy stick to cover up those spots on days when I don’t feel like wearing tons of face makeup, or when I need an extra skin pick-me-up. It revives me back to life in ways my other concealers could never even dream of. I love it!” —Chloe Hall

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“A bad reaction to a facial earlier this month had left me with clusters of angry zits that held a grudge. It was unfortunate timing, as all breakouts tend to be. But here’s the thing: while I was feeling embarassed about a couple stupid zits, I was also literally receiving the most compliments on my skin… ever? It was a classic case of misdirection—the long-lasting oils and reflective minerals in Futuredew made light bounce off the parts of my skin I was insecure about, and highlighted where my skin was naturally glowing. It successfully got me through: a trip to Denver, a run-in with an ex, a 200-woman networking event, and a dinner with beauty editors where every single one asked what was on my skin. Truly a game changing product.” —Ali Oshinsky

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“It’s a little…strange for a kid to pay as much attention to lotion commercials as I once did. But it’s not that strange if that kid grows up to be a beauty editor. There was something about the ones I watched growing up that were so appealing. The way the lotion would sink into cracked skin, and the way that skin glistened right after. Sangre de Fruta’s Body Cream conjures this visceral imagery. With each scoop, I literally feel as though I’m in one of those commercials. Calling it a cream is a little misleading, it’s more like unprocessed shea butter—a solid that melts between my fingers as soon as it meets a little heat and skin. It’s more than shea butter, though, with coconut oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, jojoba, and rosehips all in the mix. I like to put it on top of my CeraVe for extra moisture, but that’s just because there’s nothing cozier to me than soft, incredibly moisturized skin. It’s the cream for people who love creams and want to feel like they’re treating their skin. Heck, it’s even a cream for lotion-haters. Trust me, there’s no greater motivator to get to lotioning every morning than this.” —Ashley Weatherford

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“It’s already been documented that I’m too lazy to get it together to wear cute matching underwear, even though I’m sure it would make me feel nice and put together. I do, however, take this approach to pajamas. I love the comfort of loungewear, but comfort can veer into sweatpants and oversized, holy t-shirts very quickly. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! But there’s a certain pleasure in being comfortable and looking cute in nice matching pjs. I have lots of different sets, but nothing’s quite as classic as black silk PJs with contrast piping. Silk is also quite breathable and at the same time very warm, so except for summer, they can be worn most of the year.” —LC

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“I’m a bad sleeper. I’ve been a bad sleeper for years. Once my head hits the pillow, my mind begins to wander. ‘Why did you make that unfunny joke in a meeting?’ ‘What are you doing with your life?’ ‘Do you think Nick, your crush from third-grade, remembers all the times you prank called him?’ It’s an endless mind prison that only exists in the comfort of my own bed. Lately, I’ve been taking these melatonin gummies from Hello Bello and they have been helping me get to sleep. One minute I’ll be letting my mind stress over my google calendar, and the next I’m out like a light. I’m very grateful to finally get some shut-eye and I owe it in part to these magic purple treats.” —CH

The Long Lash Solution Worth The Investment

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“Hi, I’m Ali, and I’m addicted to eyelash extensions. It started out innocently enough, with a Groupon. I kept them up for a while and then… couldn’t afford them, so I stopped. I warned others against them—and then my Groupon reset, so I got them again. And I quit them… again. And I got back on them again this summer. And I quit after August. And now I’m back on them. BUT THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT because it’s not worth fighting it anymore: I love my eyelash extensions. I wake up looking amazing, I don’t have to deal with goopy mascara that can never really compare (for the record, neither does lash serum and tinting), they stay curled and separated all day, my eyes look huge… And all that stuff about how they weaken your eyelashes or make them fall out? Not true. As long as you don’t pick them, you’ll only notice shorter, sparser lashes in comparison to the extensions you’re newly used to. I’ve been going to a place recommended by Jia Tolentino in her Top Shelf conveniently located right by my apartment, and I ask for a half set (60 lashes per eye) of 12C extensions. I’ve also been cooking more and bringing my lunch to work to offset the cost. It evens out.” —AO

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“A hyaluronic acid serum with only one kind of hyaluronic acid molecule is so last year—you’ve got to have at least two to get both the immediate and long-lasting effects. I like Versed’s because it’s got that going for it, and it’s also easy? I just don’t think a hyaluronic acid serum should be all that complicated. Or, sticky. Or, thick! It has the consistency of an essence, so it sinks in immediately and doesn’t pill when I top it with my moisturizer. It does its job (hydrate), and it doesn’t cost a boat-load (more like 20 bucks). Really, what more could you ask for?” —AW

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