The No-Brainer Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re spending more than a hundo on a gift, you probably know this person pretty well. Well enough to know, say, if they can work their way around a stove. Elevate their cooking habit with Our Place’s Always Pan—it’s beautiful to begin with, but the kicker is it’s eight-in-one design that makes cooking, cleaning, and storing a little less mind boggling. Or maybe they prefer to curl up with a good book while someone else does the cooking! A yearlong subscription to the Book of the Month Club is a book club they can’t blow off because of “the weather” or “I completely forgot we were meeting this week.” They’ll send three books (of your giftee’s choosing!) each month. Relatedly (or maybe unrelatedly), the pot enthusiast in your life will love Edie Parker’s stash jar that’s literally too beautiful to stash away. And the stuff enthusiast will love that, aside from pot, you can really put just about anything in it—jewelry, cotton balls, emergency cereal… you get the gist.

If doing nothing is more their bag, consider the humble Entireworld sweatsuit. It’s incredibly cozy (it is a sweatsuit, after all), and a bright color (your choice of 12 monochromatic pairings) makes it suitable for outside of the house wear. And even kind of chic? Alternatively, go a totally different direction: Costa Brazil’s resin, as minimalist and elegant as you can get, for the person who wouldn’t be caught dead in sweats. Just put a chunk on the white tile it comes with and treat it like a stick of incense: light, then blow it out. It’ll glow like magma and release a beautifully woody scent that’s never overpowering—a sophisticated gift for the sophisticated.

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