Will Pacifica outsource production to China?

Pacifica makes 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free Natural Makeup, Skincare and Perfume. Pacifica beauty is made in NW Portland. Pacifica Beauty is closing its Portland warehouse and production facility

The vegan beauty company sent a notice to the state of Oregon, stating it would be closing its facility in northwest Portland this January 2020. In the notice, the company initially said its production and shipping would be outsourced to contractors, with some of that production being outsourced to China. Later Pacifica filed an updated notice, indicating work would be outsourced within the United States. Pacifica claimed that release was from an internal memo.

The company said the original letter was a draft that hadn’t been intended for public view but refused to explain why the statement about outsourcing work to China had been included originally.

I’m wondering which statement is the truth. They are getting rid of 75 employees. So if they are keeping manufacturing in the USA why are they getting rid of these employees? I’ll be keeping an a eye out for news on Pacifica.

No brand is exempt from POST market animal testing in China. Currently, the Chinese government requires tests on animals for any special use cosmetics such as shampoo, body wash, lipstick, and lotion, regardless of where they were manufactured.  According to the Management Measures, the Chinese government prefer to adopt the safety risk assessment rather than alternative methods to replace the animal testing.

Is animal testing legally required for cosmetics sold in the United States?

No. The Food and Drug Administration does not require that animal tests be conducted to demonstrate that the cosmetics are safe.

No animal should be poisoned or blinded for a consumer product or for any other reason. By purchasing only cruelty-free products, you can spare sensitive rabbits, guinea pigs, beagles and other animals a lifetime of suffering in lab tests and a painful death.

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