How To Turn Your Living Room Into A Gym


In the words of Olivia Newton-John, let’s get physical! And let’s do it safely…at home…in front of your screen of choice. In this era of social distancing the gym can wait, and now’s a really good time to put your body to work. For one, you could probably use the endorphin boost, and two, it’s just healthy. But maybe the best part about exercising at home is that you can really make any workout your own. Want to skip the ab section? Go ahead friend—who’s going to stop you? Finally ready to try out dance cardio? By all means, please set your two left feet free. On the internet there’s a workout for everyone, and we’ve collected the best ones that will cost you nothing. So if you want to try…


Here’s an easy eight-minute video to start. And look at that setting! Bamboo stalks aplenty and much better ambiance than the four walls surrounding you. Or turn it up a bit with a 30-minute session with Trifecta Pilates.


How about a 30-day yoga challenge? Yogi Adriene Mishler will walk you through it with a new workout for each day of the week. Sometimes you might want a session that’s a little more chill and relaxing—understandable! On those days, tune in to Faith Hunter’s yoga flow and meditation video for some good old fashioned relief.


This video comes courtesy of a studio based in England. You’ll be instructed to jab, kick, and to throw several uppercuts, but very politely so. Plus, you won’t have to worry about any supermodels crashing your class—it’s just you, your living room, and the pleasant absence of Karlie Kloss.

Dance cardio

Is exercise really exercise if it’s dance? Well, yes, but it’s definitely more fun. You probably won’t nail this Coachella Beyoncé workout on your first go ’round, but just give it a few tries. By the time this whole social distancing thing is done you’ll have the best party trick in the room.

Floor exercise

A classic from yours truly. Revisit Karen Lord’s ITG mat workout for a full body grind.


If you’ve done barre before you already know… Expect to do 10 different variations of the squat when you follow along to this video. No barre, ball or other equipment required.

Sterling K. Brown

The video that reminded us that damn, Sterling K. Brown is swole. Come for the gratuitous pec shots, stay to learn about a thing called a “butt up.”


This is one of Jane Fonda’s aerobic exercises from the ‘80s. You’re welcome.

Photo via ITG.


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