7 Brands Of Cruelty-Free Cleaning Products You Can Trust. Cruelty-Free Cleaning and disinfecting Products

Cleaning and disinfecting products are still tested on animals! For your cleaners to be cruelty-free, it must not be tested on animals or contain any animal ingredients.

Vegan cruelty free detergents soaps, and degreasers are the kind go-to products for cleaning and disinfecting. As an ethical consumer, this leaves a lot of worktops, sinks, floors and toilets in dire need of cruelty-free cleansers to get them clean. List includes everything from simple hand soaps to disinfectants.

I’ve compiled a list of a few crueltyfree cleaners and antibacterials from companies that have made the compassionate decision not to test on animals.

7 Brands Of Cruelty-Free Cleaning Products You Can Trust

This cruelty free line includes hand sanitizer and wipes as well as home cleaning products from plant-derived ingredients in the newest innovations in green chemistry

7 Brands Of Cruelty-Free Cleaning Products You Can Trust. Cruelty-Free Cleaning and disinfecting Products

Single Item Subscriptions are the most convenient way for you to get the products you want delivered to you on a regular schedule. Subscribe to your favorite Honest products, select your frequency, and they automatically deliver them so you never run out. You’ll save 5% off your item and only pay once your order ships. Diapers & Wipes bundle subscribers receive a 15% discount off add on orders. Surface cleaners include Isopropyl Alcohol.

You’re going to love Puracy natural care products so much they guarantee it. In the unlikely chance you’re not a fan, we’ll give you your money back. No returns necessary, never any hassles, and no questions asked.

Puracy natural care hand washing  products

Puracy Subscriptions available.

Customize your bundle with 5 products for just $39.99 -just $7.99 each (includes FREE shipping). Optional – add up to 3 more items to your bundle at 25% off. Send Your Bundle: Every Month, Every 2 Months or Every 3 Months

  • FREE Shipping
  • Change future delivery dates and frequencies at any time.
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  • For every purchase, puracy makes a donation to local children and families
    in need.
  • Products are proudly made in the USA

 EFFECTIVE PLANT- and MINERAL-BASED, cleaners with a PASSION for innovation, DEDICATION to performance and a guiding COMMITMENT to our customers and their families, pets and our planet.


Biokleen built a legacy on highly effective cleaning products that don’t use—and don’t need—toxic chemicals. Initially founded to make plant-based, non-caustic cleaners for professional services and janitors, we bring those same powerful formulas to families and homes across America. We love animals. They have never tested a single product on them or used their biochemistry in Formulation. They design all Biokleen products with our—and your—pets in mind, for they are just as sensitive to toxins, synthetic dyes and artificial fragrances as we are.

Ecos has been creating plant-powered cleaning products backed by innovations in green science for more than 50 years. You’ll see the ingredient source (plant-derived or mineral-based) and the function of the ingredient in the formula.  Hypoallergenic options. Never tested on animals. They even have Pet Care! Also treeless toilet paper!


In 2008, lifelong friends were watching their kiddos crawl across the floor. As their toddlers’ tiny hands picked up dust, dirt, and potentially dangerous cleaning residue, the concerned dads had a classic lightbulb moment. What if cleaning products could cut through grease, grime, and dirt without compromising on safety?

Better Life brand

Featured on Shark Tank, Tim challenged Kevin, an innovative formulation chemist, to create a new line of plant-derived, environmentally friendly cleaners that would defy expectations for safety and performance. BetterLife products are free of unnecessary ingredients that may pose health risks for people, pets, marine life, and the planet. Better Life loves animals.They don’t test on them (and never will). PLANT-DERIVED SCENTS. BIODEGRADABLE. DYE FREE.

7 Brands Of Cruelty-Free Cleaning Products You Can Trust. Cruelty-Free Cleaning and disinfecting Products
  • Simple Truth is:
  • Non Toxic
  • USDA Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Cruelty Free & Vegan
  • No Animal Testing or Ingredients
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • No Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates & Palm Oil
  • Fair Trade Certified Coconut
7 Brands Of Cruelty-Free Cleaning Products You Can Trust. Cruelty-Free Cleaning and disinfecting Products

Effective, naturally-derived & non-toxic home & personal-care products designed to fit your cruelty free life. They work with a team of organic chemists to innovate new formulas and products. Responsibly-sourced, higher quality plant & mineral-based ingredients, They don’t want any animal by-products in laundry (or in any other cleaning product) and we’re guessing you don’t either. Aloe vera (plant based emollient for skin softening)   Vegan.

I’m hoping these cruelty-free cleaner brands will help you make the switch to cruelty-free household cleaners and disinfectants!


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