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This story idea got thrown out at a recent team meeting, and at first we all had the same reaction. Moodboards? What would be the point! The only people still wearing outfits, let alone pants, as the first fall chill reared its unsettlingly premature head were probably: going into work (which we are not), lying (which we would never), or Naomi Campbell (who, regretfully, does not work at ITG). But just because we’re living through, ahem, unprecedented times does not mean we also have to also put ourselves through a famine of beauty. And as soon as we got to Googling, it became clear that those stores of creative energy usually spent on accessories combos and blush-lipstick pairings were overflowing from neglect. Our fall moods all straddle ease and optimism—if you haven’t yet thought about yours, here are some ideas to start with:

“I’m not putting too much pressure on myself this fall! My prerogative is to keep things comfy and revel in indulgent moments as they appear. For now, that includes stocking up on oversized sweaters and hoodies and lounge-y, breezy bottoms that will make me feel like an off-duty dancer (sans the technical skills) in and out of the house. I’ve been wearing my hair out a lot lately, and the crisper weather will surely provide more styling shortcuts via accessories. Bring on the bucket hats, the baseball caps, and and the scarves! In the makeup department, I’ll likely keep to my forté: simple swipes of color on my eyelids (Skywash in Terra feels apropos) and a cat-eye if I want to take it up a notch (Marc Jacobs has a great liquid liner for this very purpose). I’ve been applying the latter a lot more these days—a winged eye stands out on Zoom calls, and I don’t even need to put on any mascara! You can barely tell the difference.” —Utibe Mbagwu


“Am I bummed that I don’t exactly have an occasion to wear the blue Dior blazer with luggage leather elbow patches that I found for under $100 on The Real Real last winter? Sure. But I also think that fall 2020 will be the season to prove the old adage (in some circles) that if you have a fabulous jacket, it doesn’t really matter what you’re wearing underneath it. The blazer, or a coat made of old quilts, or an upcycled jacket made from vintage bath towels, thrown over one of my many matching pajama sets looks surprisingly Scandinavian! Or, at least, very passable for a quick trip to the market at the end of my block. Then there’s makeup. On the one hand, what I want to wear is nothing but red lipstick. On the other hand, I can only wear it when I’m sitting around the house, so when I go out I’ll contrast my dull, dead eyes (kidding! sort of!) with all the rainbow eyeliners in my makeup bag. On a third hand that just popped out of where my belly button usually is, my prescription-free Warby Parker aviators have very recently gone from frivolous purchase to smart protective measure, so maybe I’ll skip the Euphoria vibes, pass Go, and head straight for young Gloria Steinem. If there’s one thing anchoring this chaotic aesthetic it’s my straight, dark hair, which reached new and uncharted lengths in the past few months. I think it adds a bit of effortless glamour to just about anything I put on; my boyfriend thinks he should chop it all off while I sleep. Only time will tell which of us is right.” —Ali Oshinsky


“Fall is technically three months, but peak fall—when leaves are the colors of marigold and rust, and it’s warm enough for a light jacket but cold enough for a hot toddy—well that lasts about as a long as a ripe avocado. And you can bet your bottom dollar I always make the most of it. This year, next year, and the year after that ad infinitum, I’m all about the cozy, make-me-feel-warm-inside stuff. Of course, nothing screams cozy louder than a good candle, and Tatine’s Field of Grass is the kind of scent that stirs up notes of comfort and fresh cut stems—the perfect candle that’s fall-like and yet unexpected. Next to Costa Brazil’s resin, which is like Palo Santo but not as sharp on the nose, it’s the perfect lazy October day pick-me-up. On more energetic days I’ll be doing the same amount of cooking I’ve been doing for most of the year, but with more stews! These Blackcreek Market serving spoons are the inspo for the Ikea dupes I’ll surely get, and Food 52’s Genius Recipes will be my reading material, as will Yaa Gyasi’s new book, Transcendent Kingdom (will it top Homegoing? I’ll find out!). Maybe I’ll get Jhene Aiko braids, maybe I won’t, but I’ll definitely be eating lots of figs because Instagram told me to, and I’ll be swiping on the one makeup product I’ve bothered to use in the past month—Boy Brow. Hopefully by (spring?) I’ll be wearing more as I venture out of my apartment more freely. In the meantime, here’s to the weirdest fall I hope to never experience again.” —Ashley Weatherford

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