Harry Styles Fans Go All Out With Their Makeup


There are many things you might call Harry Styles: a former boyband member, a rockstar from a bygone era, a “small-town English lad,” a man written by a woman, “really tall, and actually sexy,” the internet’s boyfriend.

(Of course, in real life, he’s famously dating the piercing-eyed and accomplished Olivia Wilde. Before that, it was French-ish model Camille Rowe. Before that, Tess Ward. Before that, Georgia Fowler. Sidenote: did ITG just hit Harry Styles girlfriend bingo?)

But back to Harry. He’s been on a massive US tour, which kicked off in Vegas in September and finishes in Arkansas at the end of next month. It was originally supposed to happen in 2020, to promote the release of his most recent album A Fine Line. Then Covid happened, yadayadayada, and the tour managers powers that be postponed all of the shows. While disappointing, the scheduling hiccup ended up resulting in marvelous aesthetics—and not just the ones on stage. The styling brief, which must have gone out with ticket confirmation emails, was clear: big pants, little shirts, fluffy waves, shag haircuts, colorful liner, feathery lashes, brushed-up brows, rhinestone appliques, and balm-slicked lips. They had let original ticket holders hold onto their seats, which left extra time to moodboard and, as one attendant so eloquently put it, “You knew the girlies had been planning their outfits for two years.” Put another way by another fan, the congestion outside the stadium entranceway felt more “like a fashion show” and less like a merch line.

Maybe it was being cooped up inside with Donni Davy tutorials that turned the entire audience into a psychedelic fever dream. Maybe everyone was mirroring Harry’s styles. (See what we did there?) Perhaps it was a synchronized attempt at peacocking, with the goal of inducing love at first sight and riding his silver 1972 Jaguar E-type off into the sunset. (Which would explain all the feathers.) But more likely, it was just the Harry Effect. To his October 16th audience: “Please feel free to do whatever it is you want to do in this room tonight, please feel free to be whoever it is you’ve always wanted to be in this room tonight,” and, cheekily, “I challenge you to have as much fun as I’m going to have.” Playing with beauty is a really easy way to live that fantasy.

This weekend, Harry plays two special Halloween-themed shows at Madison Square Garden in New York, costumes required. But it’s going to be hard to top the beauty looks his fans have already cooked up. If you couldn’t make the tour to see the glam yourself, a slideshow of some of our favorites is above.

Photos, in order, via: @jennyfromthbloc, @mckennadicapua, @quincysime, @indiahaz.e, sheljewell + @kaitpete_, @chellydon, @sydelle.jpg, @gabrielle.eden, @tormansonn, @alanna.karpan, @gra.ce.e, @reagansimone1864, @hallliebess, @itskennedyy__, @odlejenna, @sometots, and @cielo._.b


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