A Gift For Everyone On Your List

Is there anything more daunting than shopping for the person who usually helps you shop? Helpfully, there are a few routes you could take. The first is a copy of Black Futures. It’s a collection of stories, essays, interviews, illustrations, recipes, and memes from nearly 200 Black thought leaders. Kimberly Drew (formerly social editor for the Met) and New York Times culture writer Jenna Wortham published the anthology last year, and this silver paperback is the 2021 update. If your giftee is more of a gold person, this sculptural toggle necklace from Seattle-based Faris is the move. It’s dainty and wearable, but no one else in the group chat (or even their commuting subway car) will have it.

Look at that gas lamp! It’s from a tiny brand called Wolfard Glassblowing Co, and because each is hand-blown, no two are exactly the same. Alternatively, this Ha Ko incense set, which comes from Japan by way of the Takamichi Beauty Room in Gramercy, can burn for a lot less money. Each paper is shaped like a dainty, almost too-beautiful-to-burn tiny leaf. They’re sold by the tin (for a close friend) or singularly (an appropriately cheap gift for your coworkers). Another nice gift for a chic acquaintance is a bottle of Ghia, which is basically a non-alcoholic version of Aperol. It’s mostly grape and yuzu juices, plus botanical extracts like fig, elderflower, and lemon balm. And finally, you can’t go wrong with a delivery of Jeni’s ice cream. If you haven’t tried Jeni’s before, you must—they use high quality ingredients sourced locally, and the flavors are topping-packed but never boring, like an ultra gourmet Ben & Jerry’s.

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