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WOW Coconut Milk Hair Conditioner, Restore Dry, Frizzy, Tangled Hair to Stronger, Full, Shiny Hair, Stimulate Hair…

REPAIR DAMAGED HAIR: WOW Coconut Milk Conditioner offers the best restorative care for your hair and scalp. Revive your hair back to its natural bounce, volume, & shine. Rich in essential nutrients to help get the softest, silkiest, glossiest hair yet. SLOW DOWN HAIR LOSS: WOW Coconut Milk Conditioner contains 2 natural DHT blockers, Nettle Leaf and Saw Palmetto extracts, known to minimize hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Strong DHT blockers are known to control hair from falling out & balding. MAXIMIZE HAIR GLOSS: Improve your hair washing routine with our cleansing and hydrating conditioner to get the best results possible. Formulated for deep nourishment & hair loss control. Boost shine and gloss while softening your hair strands & cuticles.

WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Conditioner Set Increase Gloss, Hydration, Shine, Reduce Itchy Scalp, Dandruff…

Detox Treatment - Plant-powered by our best-selling Apple Cider Vinegar formula to detox itchy build-up and clogged hair follicles for a truly deep clean Fight Flakes - Features antimicrobial Apple Cider Vinegar to fight dandruff-causing fungi, and balance your scalp’s pH levels for naturally healthy hair Revive Dull Hair - Hydration is the key to voluminous, shiny locks. Refresh your damaged, lifeless hair with a nourishing oil blend to restore elasticity and healthy shine in one step.