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Nimbus Extra Soft Toothbrushes (Regular Size Head), Periodontist Design Tapered Bristles for Sensitive Teeth and…

EXTRA SOFT BRISTLES – The Nimbus Toothbrush uses Microfine Technology which utilizes two-levels of bristles to create unique softness and stability. The long single-end tapered fine bristles reach into areas not accessible to conventional bristles while the short end-rounded bristles are used to support and optimize plaque removal. DURABLE – Nimbus bristles absorb less water which allows the brush to maintain its shape longer than standard Nylon bristles. Additionally, the bristles resist breakdown brought on from chemicals and natural mouth fluids which allows you to use Nimbus longer than average toothbrushes. INVENTED BY PERIODONTIST – These toothbrushes were designed to create the safest brushing experience for teeth and gums while simultaneously providing highly efficient plaque removal on tooth surfaces. It has proven to be the best toothbrush for those with ultra-sensitive gums and teeth.

Curaprox 5460 Ultrasoft Toothbrush, 3 Pack

Unrivaled Design: The Cs 5460 Ultra Soft Toothbrush Is Made With Curen Filaments, Each Bristle Being 0.01 Cm Thin And Rounded At The Tops Unlike Any Other Manual Toothbrush Gentle Cleanse: Ideal For Sensitive Teeth, The Unbelievably Fine Filaments Create The Gentlest Brushing Experience To Add To Your Daily Routine Plaque’S Worst Enemy: The Cs 5460 Toothbrush Is Made With 5,460 Filaments Densely Packed Together On An Angled Head, So You Can Productively Clean Every Part Of Your Mouth With Ease