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Design Essentials

Styling Made simple- provides curl Defining memory with a soft-pliable hold for those with natural waves, curls Time saving wet mousse- saves up to 30 minutes styling time due to its amazing detangling properties--can be used on wet or dry hair for versatility Created for your texture- recommended for women, men, and kids of all hair types and textures -fine to course, short to long, 2B-4C wavy, curly, and kinky-coily hair types!

Design Essentials Products

Immediately revitalizes dry, brittle hair & scalp &Ash; our creamy textured, super charged scalp and hair conditioner quickly penetrates and revitalizes the driest hair conditions while stimulating and soothing the scalp. Contains no alcohol. Infused with Rosemary & Peppermint &Ash; strategically enriched with two key ingredients to provide lasting benefits: rosemary &Ash; purifies and restores hair leaving it extremely soft and more manageable; and peppermint &Ash; an aroma-therapeutic scent invigorates and calms the senses, while simultaneously treating the scalp. Perfect for all hair types &Ash; this smell-good, super moisturizing sulfate-free conditioner quickly softens, detangles, and smooths the cuticle for all hair types (straight, wavy, curly, relaxed, and color-treated) &Ash; but is highly recommended for medium to thick hair textures.

Design Essentials Therapeutics Anti-Itch Hair & Scalp Treatment Dandruff Hairgrooming For Relaxed & Natural Hair – 4 Oz, 5 fluid ounces

NO MORE DRY, ITCHY SCALP OR FLAKING – Our Therapeutics Anti-Itch Hair and Scalp Treatment was formulated with Salicylic Acid to alleviate uncomfortably dry, itchy scalp and help control scalp irritation and flaking caused by scalp conditions such as dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. SALICYLIC ACID PROVIDES IMMEDIATE RELIEF – The Salicylic Acid formula instantly delivers a ‘cooling sensation’ that nourishes and soothes the scalp to provide lasting benefits. Salicylic acid causes the skin to shed dead cells from its top layer by increasing the amount of moisture in the skin that in turn dissolves the build-up. This effect makes it easier to shed the skin cells, softens the top layer of skin, and decreases scaling and dryness GREAT FOR DAILY OR WEEKLY USE – This lightweight hair and scalp treatment, created with rich emollients that condition and add a natural shine to the hair, can be used daily or several times a week without causing product build-up. Simply place a small amount on your fingertips and apply directly to the scalp before styling. Not suggested for small children without adult supervision.

Design Essentials 2-N-1 Dry Finishing Lotion, 8oz.

Revitalizes and refreshes curls and waves imparting body and shine Moisturizes and softens hair. (permanent waves, textured styles, natural and dry curls) Prevents breakage and increases elasticity.