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DOUBLETAKE Reading Glasses – 2 Pairs Folding Readers Includes Glasses Case

Great Value - 2 great foldable pocket readers for 1 low price Ultra Compact - Telescoping temples for easy folding and compact storage Utility Design - Extremely portable folding reading glasses with spring hinges for comfortable fit

DOUBLETAKE Reading Glasses – 2 Pairs Slim Pocket Readers with Pen Clip Case

ENJOY EASIER READING: Experience being able to easily read menus, books, street names, store signs, and text on your phone, tablet, or computer screen. Stop squinting and straining your eyes and start enjoying the peace of mind that comes from easier reading anywhere you go. Makes for an excellent spare pair to keep in addition to your other glasses. Perfect for when you travel, to take on your commute, to have at your workplace or office, and when flying or on a cruise. SLEEK AND STYLISH DESIGN: Slim and lightweight metal frames let you comfortably read all day. Narrow lenses allow you to see above and below with your normal vision so you can switch between reading and looking at your surroundings. Nose pads adjust to the bridge of your nose and gently rest on your face without sliding down. CONVENIENT NYLON CARRYING CASE: Compact and colorful carrying cases fit in your handbag, purse, tote bag, fanny pack, backpack, travel bag, day bag, glove box, car compartment, messenger bag, briefcase, and makeup bag. Convenient pen clips on each case easily attach onto shirt pockets, straps, belts, files, folders, binders, and pockets so you can take your reading glasses anywhere or leave them where you want them.

DOUBLETAKE Reading Glasses – 2 Pairs Compact Case Included Semi Rimless Readers

Great Value - 2 classic and elegant stainless steel readers for 1 low price Utility Design - Flex temple arm reading glasses for maximum comfort Minimalist Styling - Slim and simple semi-rimless look for men and women