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Men Shower Cap for braids, curls and locs. Be Yourself, Stay Manly. Waterproof Adjustable Reusable and Revolutionary

???? STAY COOL EVEN IN A HOT SHOWER — We removed any sign of femininity from this cap so you can take embarrassment-free showers without getting your hair wet. ???? IT’S ADJUSTABLE — The cap has a drawstring in the back that lets you adjust the cap to your size, and it is perfect for small to large and even extra large (XL) heads. Once you adjust it, there’s no need to do it again. You can put it back on without adjusting the drawstring. ???? LONG LASTING — We all want to last longer, but this cap actually does. It’s reusable, effective, and completely waterproof. Just follow the instructions on the box and don’t put it in the dryer. This cap will last for more than 500 showers, which makes it more affordable than any disposable shower caps.