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25-Pack of Ear Washer Disposable Tips/Replacement Ear Wash Tubes – Compatible with Doctor Easy (TM) Elephant and Rhino Ear Washers/Ear Wash/Wax-Rx™Systems – by Impresa

VALUE PACK: Ear washers / ear wash systems are an effective and gentle way to clean your ears, but replacement tip packs are expensive. Our 25-pack of disposable tips offers an excellent value so you can keep your ears clean and free from build-up HIGH-QUALITY REPLACEMENTS: Our replacement tips are made from high-quality, purpose-specific materials and offer the perfect level of flexibility you need while still being rigid enough to clean and irrigate effectively HIGHLY COMPATIBLE: Highly compatible with all ear wash systems requiring such disposable tips, including the Doctor Easy (TM) Elephant (TM) and Rhino (TM) Wax-Rx and other similar cleaning / irrigation systems and kits