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Avocado Foot Peel Mask Exfoliating – 2 Pack Baby Foot Peeling Scrub Mask Dead Skin cells Remover Repairs Rough Heels & Get Smooth Baby Feet in 5 Days Moisturizing Foot mask for Men Women

EFFECTIVELY GET SMOOTH BABY FEET - The INCOK foot mask can effectively repair our feet in just 3-5 days. Lactic acid in our foot mask can help you solve hard or dead skin, and even avoid skin rupture on your feet and improve skin elasticity. Our exfoliating foot peel mask provides the best results in just 5 days and only needs to be used once! Soft touch and beautiful baby feet, so easy! NATURAL BOTANIAL EXTRACTS TREATMENT - The ingredients of our foot peel mask are natural plant extracts, including two main extracts - Avocado & Aloe vera. Avocado is good for deep moisturizing, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, easy to make skin cool quickly, and is perfect for treating dry skin and peeling dead skin. Aloe vera has the effect of repairing the skin. INCOK foot mask is safe for men and women. Natural exfoliating peeling treatment! CONVENIENT & EASY TO USE - This foot masks are ergonomically designed to wrap your feet like socks. Just open a mouth on the foot mask, put it on your foot, and seal it with a sticker. Relax for an hour, let your feet completely absorb the natural ingredients inside the foot masks. The liquid of the foot mask can help to remove the keratin while moisturizing. It's so very convenient that you can do whatever you want while using it.