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Rhythm Biodegradable Chunky Glitter // Karizma Beauty Gold Bio Glitter Eco Glitter Face Glitter Festival Chunky 10g

✮ KARIZMA Rock n' roll, baby! Feel the music with our rhythm biodegradable chunky cosmetic glitter. Rhythm is an evening metallic essential mix of gold stars, speckles, hexagons and dust. Inspired by working closely with celebrities and influencers on press appearances, red carpet, photoshoots and music videos. ✮ BIODEGRADABLE: Made from a renewable plant-based raw material Cellulose, the Eucalyptus plant fibre is from of the most widely available and fastest growing trees on the planet. This bio glitter will naturally dissolve into nature, marine and waste water for a sustainable future. ✮ OCEAN FRIENDLY: Our guilt-free cosmetic biodegradable glitter will fully naturally dissolve in both ocean and wastewater environments. You will receive a pot with 10g of cosmetic bio glitter.