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Luelli Teeth Whitening Kit with 35% Carbamide Peroxide, 32 LED Lights (Color) | Teeth Whitener for Sensitive Teeth, Enamel Safe, Professional Wireless Whitening Kit with Tray and (3) Gel Pen

TEETH WHITENING KIT WITH 32 PREMIUM LED LIGHTS: Our LED teeth whitening kit comes with 32 LED bulbs for total and complete teeth whitening. While other competitors have a 5-bulb teeth whitening cleaning kit, our whitening kit is packed with 32 bulbs that shorten the whitening time by 16-minutes. Get whiter teeth, instantly. THREE TEETH WHITENING MODES: Our white teeth whitening kit comes with three modes: Blue light mode that creates a reaction with the teeth whitening gel to remove discoloration and stains; Red light mode that cleans and preserves; and Blue and Red light mixed mode that does it all at once. WHITE TEETH IN 16-MINUTES: Simply use our teeth whitening kit with LED lights for whiter teeth in just 16-minutes. Our timer is set to 16-minutes and will automatically turn off when the process is completed. Use it on the go, at home, at work, or while you travel for teeth you can feel confident showing.

LUELLI Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light, 35% Carbamide Peroxide, Teeth Whitening Gel, Helps to Remove Stains from Coffee, Smoking, Wines, Soda, Food, Home Dental Products for Sensitive Teeth

LED LIGHT TOOTH WHITENING KIT: Enjoy a whiter, brighter smile in just 10-minutes with our LED teeth whitening solution. Use our Whitening Gel Syringes and specializes tooth tray to enhance your smile, instantly. WHITER TEETH AFTER FIRST USE: After using this Teeth Whitening Kit with LED lighting, see noticeable results after just one use. Apply the teeth whitener mouth tray for just 10-minutes per day to remove stains from coffee, soda, wine, smoking, and sugary foods. BATTERIES INCLUDED FOR LED LIGHT: Our LED Activation Light comes with its own batteries, so you can start using this stain removal kit the second you receive it. Pack it with you in your bag, purse, or backpack while traveling.