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Light Therapy Lamp, 10000 Lux/UV-Free Full Spectrum Light, Adjustable Brightness Light and Three Different Color, Sunlight Lamp for Office/Sleep/Breakfast/Winter.

【ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS LEVELS AND THREE COLOR LIGHTS】The options for the three colors of light box therapy and the different levels of brightness allowed you to test and tailor the light to your preference in different time period and place using. White sun lamp, great for office or the breakfast in the morning. Warm white, can be used in the dinner or family party. Warm yellow, It's great for nighttime reading or sleep 【TIMING SETTING FUNCTION】 Portable therapy lamp timer with 3 time periods: 10min/20min/30min. There is auto-off timer, it will shut down automatically when the time comes. We recommend starting with 10 minutes, and then increasing your usage to 30 minutes to 1 hour daily until you find a time that is most effective for you. 【UV-FREE FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT, SIMULATE SUNLIGHT】 The bright sunlight therapy lamp::it's very suitable for people in some areas of the United States who are experiencing or will be suffer a long cold/sunless winter or wet rainy season. UV-free full spectrum light, using 10,000 LUX strength light to effectively simulate sunny light, replace the sun that is missing due to winter or rainy season. Effectively Improve you mood/ mental state and energy.