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Lip Plumper Device – Mexitop Automatic Fuller Lip Plumper Device, Suction Pause Function, USB Charging, Portable Size, 2 Styles for Lips Makeup

100% Natural Material and Plumping Method. There is not a woman on this planet that wouldn't want attractive full lips. The process to do cosmetic surgery can be painful among many other problems you don't want to deal with. Our amazing lips makeup tool uses all natural method and quality material without any chemical inside. Strictly passed testing like CE, ROHS and FDA - international standards to ensure our customer a trusted using. Smart Pause & Shut Off Function Safety Design, 3 Shift Suction LED Lights Indication. Unlike other full lips enhancer, you have to finish the default set treatment and then get the device stopped. But it's too late because your lips hurt. For our tool, just long press the device and you can stop whenever you want, even answering a phone call. There are 3 different suction shifts for your lip plumping, you can choose according how you feel and what effect you want with your lips. Save Time on Lips Makeup, Portable Hand-size and Light Weight. Unlike traditional lip plumper device, you need pay a lot of time to get your lip pumped for lips makeup before you going out. This automatic lip enhancement helps you to spend less time on lip makeup. Never get your boyfriend, husband or female friend annoyed for waiting you too long time. You can put it into your cosmetic bag which gives you a lot of possibilities to have sexy lips whenever and wherever you want it to be.

Lip Plumper – Mexitop Upgraded Automatic Lip Plumper Device, Smart Control (Time, Suction), Digital Display, USB Charging for Lips Makeup (Brownish Red, Bonus Sponge Pad Included), 2019 New

Smart Digital Display Enables Lip Plumper Process Under Control and Concerned. We want our end user can see how much the pressure they put, how long will be for a time treatment, how much battery left and when need to charge the machine. Our germen engineer realized all and created a new smart lip plumper device - Mexitop BeauX lip plumper enhancer. No more tentatively use. Get a more natural and scientific lip plumping process. Standing Design, Portable Slim Waist featured Machine Body. If you were once troubled with placing your automatic lip plumper on your dresser or bathroom vanity. It took up too much space and made all of the thing in a mess. Therefore, we make it stands before you, helps you to save place and keep all of your makeup tools organized. Also with an ergonomic body design, you feel much more comfortable to hold and easier for using. New Tech in Intelligent Time & Suction Control, Memory Function. Unlike traditional lip plumper, time and pressure only depend on how strong you press. You cannot give it any control. You cannot adjust the suction according to your feeling and needs. NOW WE SOLVED ALL THESE. You can adjust time and suction on the basis of effect and lips' feeling. Mexitop BeauX lip plumper will memorize the last time setting until it's charged again, the setting will be back to the default setting of 10S, 45KPA.

Lip Plumper Enhancer – MEXITOP NANA Owl Soft Silicone Lip Filler Plumping Device, Natural Fuller Thicker Sexy Quick Lip Enhancement Enlarger Tool, Amazing Effect Using w/Lip Gloss (Multiple Styles)

Quick Effect and Simple to Use. NANA Owl lip plumper only need a few seconds for your lips to become more full and sexy (please follow the user manual for the simple using steps). Use our lip plumper tool helps your lips become full, thick, sexy, cute and adorable quickly before touching up lipstick or gloss every day or parties. It will make you more charming. 100% Safe Usage, No Pain and Side Effect. You don't have to worry about safety! As a brand we believe in safety! This enhancer lips plumper is safe and it's made with medical grade material, food level soft silicone. The material is ultra-soft and will provide a comfortable touch with your lips. Just remember to do the clean work after every time use. Light Weight Portable Size and Fashionable Cute Design. NANA is light in weight and small size for easy carrying. You can put it into your cosmetic bay which gives you the chance to have sexy lips whenever and wherever possible. And it is a perfect decoration accessory and your free time small beauty gadget with its trendy and lovely appearance design.