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Onsen Secret Essential Nail Reboot Kit (Serum) – Professional Nail File, 3-Way Nail Buffer Block Nail File w/Replacement Pads & Nail Strengthening Cuticle Cream for Healthy Nails

HEALTHY, NATURAL NAILS - Restore nail health, transform your hands, and turn every at-home manicure into a spa-like experience with the complete nail care kit from Onsen! File and shape your nails with Onsen's professional filer, smooth the surface of each nail with with buffing block, and then promote healthy, even growth with the nourishing cuticle conditioner. OUR SACRED SECRET INGREDIENT - Where harsh chemicals and polishes fail your nails, nature provides. What's the Onsen secret? The healing water of a sacred hot spring in Japan. After the file and buffing block boost circulations of the nail beds, invigorating nutrients in your cuticle cream penetrate deeply to promote stronger, faster nail growth. ROOM TO GROW - No nail is too brittle, split, or hangnail-prone to benefit from the therapeutic properties within Onsen's nail and cuticle repair kit! No matter the hands you were dealt - from dry skin to sensitive skin, fingers to toes, women to men - your kit meets your nails where they are. Replenish your natural shine after a file, buff, and conditioning boost.