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Cuticle Nipper Cuticle Trimmer Cuticle Pusher Professional Grade Stainless Steel Cuticle Remover and Cutter – Durable…

✅[STAINLESS STEEL MAKES IT SHARPER & MORE EFFICIENT]: Cuticle trimmer cuticle remover tools are made of cuticle nipper 100% Surgical-quality stainless steel to assures a long lasting cutting edge and can be sterilized without rusting, and cuticle pusher keeps the precision cut every time you use it. Cuticle trimmer nipper pusher. ✅[ERGONOMIC HANDLE DESIGN, NON-SLIP RUBBER GRIPS, PORTECTIVE PLASTIC TIP]: Cuticle trimmer easy to hold rubber grips ensures this cuticle nipper professional cuticle remover tools set will cut where you need to without fear of losing control while nipping damaged cuticles; Cuticle pusher packaging includes a plastic tip to guard against accidental stabs or pokes and in addition a PVC zip storage bag to keep the instruments secured, ing their life span. Trimmer nipper cuticle pusher. ✅[ EFFECTIVE JAW DESIGN OF THE CUTICLE CUTTER]: Cuticle trimmer jaw head snipper isolates the problem area and snips away cleanly. Ideal for use at home, spas and salons. Cuticle nipper sharp finished tips for precise cutting of hangnails and ragged cuticles. Cuticle pusher a great cosmetic tool for manicure and pedicure uses. Trimmer nipper pusher cuticle.