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Weightloss for Women with Portion Control Plates Perfection – 4 Piece Weight Loss Kit Includes Melamine Portion Plate…

WEIGHT LOSS FOR WOMEN, MEN & CHILDREN: Many people struggle with weight loss and management. One of the key elements to losing weight and keeping it off is portion control - knowing how much is right to eat for losing weight and then keeping it off. This handy set will help you understand how your body responds to food and caloric intake. It includes a portion plate and bowl, a 4-week menu plan, and the book "Portion Perfection" by Amanda Clark, a certified weight management dietician. HEALTHY EATING FOOD GUIDE: When you purchase this kit, you'll receive a food menu plan that spans 4 whole weeks. This menu plan offers a definitive guide to eating right. With simple recipes and detailed photos of accurate portions, weight loss management has never been easier. Follow this recipe book for education on meal prep, meal planning, balanced eating, and healthy nutrition. INCLUDES PORTION PERFECTION GUIDE: You'll receive the book "Portion Perfection" by award-winning weight management dietician Amanda Clark. Her educational book outlines nutrition plans to help you lose weight through portion control. Eating right shouldn't be about dieting; it should be a lifestyle change. This book shows just how much food to put on the plate and bowl that are included in this kit.

Bariatric Surgery Bowls + 8 inch Plates – Melamine Twin Set Protects Stomach Pouch Size for Calorie Controlled Weight…

THIS BOWL & PLATE SET MAKES THE PERFECT PRACTICAL SOLUTION for those with a Gastric Band, Sleeve Gastrectomy or Gastric Bypass SERVES YOU THE CORRECT AMOUNT FOR YOUR MEAL and allows you to control your calorie intake for your diet and your weight loss SIMPLE EFFECTIVE GUIDANCE: ideal for weight loss for after bariatric surgery

Bariatric Melamine Portion Control Plate 8” For Weight Loss After Surgery. Health Eating Educational Visual Tool For…

8 INCH BARIATRIC PORTION CONTROL PLATE for post bariatric surgery with low glycemic index carbohydrates and ideal protein serves along with healthy portions of vegetables. Created by leading dietitian Amanda Clark, Adv APD RECOMMENDED BY: dietitians internationally for weight loss. This entire range works because it is devised by a professional weight management dietitian with over 25 years experience. Watch out for new resources to add to your kit in the future MEASURED PORTIONS TO REDUCE OVEREATING: gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric balloon, lapband. You can be confident that your food portion sizes are correct for your needs