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Puracy Dishwasher Pods- Effective 50 Count Free & Clear Scent Dishwasher Detergent Pod- Natural Dishwasher Tablets, Dish…

NEW FOR APRIL 2019: Issues with foaming or residue on dishes? Contact us directly so we can make it right; This problem was FIXED in March with our new production run and is now shipping on all orders; Maximum efficacy, no issues...Guaranteed! UNMATCHED R&D: 3rd generation formula developed by a chemist with more than 20 years in dishwasher detergent formulation experience; INDEPENDENTLY TESTED by Puracy customers who complained about the performance of our Gen 1 & 2 detergent packs ENZYME-POWERED EFFICACY: Advanced plant-derived enzymes quickly target and break down stubborn foods and stains without the need to pre-soak or pre-rinse (scrape, don't rinse)