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Callus Remover for Feet | Double-sided Foot Scrub -Foot File -Dead Skin Remover -Foot Rasp for Exfoliation -Wet & Dry Feet Scrubber for Smoothing & Softening Feet -Pedicure Tool for Foot Care

RECOMMENDED BY EXPERTS - RelaxTony's Callus Removers are strongly recommended by podiatrists and salon professionals all over the world as part of a comprehensive corns & calluses home remedy program ALL-IN-ONE TOOL (Double-sided Foot File) - On one side, you will find more than 200 stainless steel mini blades to effectively remove the thick callus, bad heel and tough deep skin. The other fine side is for smoothing and softening your feet at the end of exfoliation. Use both sides for a complete home callus remedy treatment. BUILT-IN CATCHER, MORE HYGIENIC - The built-in catcher collects any residue as it falls giving you a mess-free experience and allowing you to file your feet anywhere you like.