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SWACC 48” Hair Tinsel 7200 Strands 12 Colors 12 Pack in Set -Sparkling & Shiny Hair Tinsel Extensions Colored Party…

12 Colors: Pink, Gold, Red, Silver, Yellow, Rose, Green, Rainbow, Blue, Black, Purple and Sky Blue 12 Colors in 12 individual folding packages, each color have 600-800 strands at least 600 guaranteed. Total 7200+ Strands in this super value hair tinsel package. Length: 48 Inches. Made by 100% high quality polyester fiber hair tinsel, it looks Sparkling & Shiny

SWACC Women Long Straight/Curly Wavy Wrap Around Ponytail Extension Synthetic Hair Piece Clip in Hair extensions (Curly…

Simply clip into the top of your own ponytail and wrap the attached slice of hair around the top to conceal the join. One bag of black hair bobby pins help you to fix the ponytail and finish the hairstyle. Made by 100% high quality Synthetic fiber, it looks, moves and feels like real hair with affordable price. Heat-styleable with up to 270 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to add bigger curls or straighten out for a sleek look. Length: 20 inch for Curly, 22 inch for straight. Weight: 4-5 OZ. Available in multiple colors.