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Truform Moderate Sheer Knee High Compression Stocking

Truform 1783, below knee length, fashionable lattice pattern design, silky sheer style for women; Lightweight breathable denier fabric resembles dress nylon hosiery, adds shimmer and sheen to skin tones; Roomy closed toe pocket for increased comfort Moderate strength 15-20 mmHg support for mild conditions; Shaping and control to smooth skin and figure; Commonly used as the starting point for everyday wear, travel, leg health, prolonged sitting or standing, increased blood flow, energy, and recovery Medical applications and treatment for minor swelling, aching, discomfort in ankle legs and feet, minor varicose veins, spider veins, enlarged bulging veins, edema, post surgery, varicosities during pregnancy, heavy achy legs, and tired sore leg muscles