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VibraWipe Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 8-Pack, Large Size 14.2″x14.2″, Trap Dust, Dirt and Pet Dander in Split Fibers. Absorb up to 5X Their Weight in Liquid – Machine Washable, Reusable and Lint-Free

✔ What is in the pack? VIBRAWIPE MICROFIBER CLOTH - Pack of 12 Pieces, 4 shades of gray. 3 pieces for each shade. Please note that the lightest shade is close to off-white. Every piece VIBRAWIPE microfiber cleaning cloth is made from premium quality ultra-fine micro fiber from a blend of 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide. The size of each cloth is 14.20-inch x 14.20-inch (36cm x 36cm). ✔ What you can use them for? VIBRAWIPE MICROFIBER CLOTH are highly absorbent,lint-free and streak-free. They can be used in many cleaning jobs from using them as your kitchen dish cloth, washcloth, dish rag, drying cloth, household cleaning cloth to dusting cloth, from cleaning your home to your automotive. They are safe to use on all hard surfaces whether wet or dry. You can do color coding for the different cleaning tasks. These cleaning cloths is an expert in your daily cleaning! ✔ How easy to use? With a bit of water, no need for any chemical cleaners. fold the cloths into quarters and wipe over any surface in circular directions to remove dirt. VIBRAWIPE™ Microfiber Cloths are eco-friendly, help to avoid the use of chemical cleaners which are bad for the environment and your family. Over time, you will be saving money on paper towels and chemical cleaners. VIBRAWIPE™ microfiber cloths are designed to give customers the best comfortable hand feel.